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This week’s caracola is a quiz with a Spanish flair, one I put together for the Blue Sky Café on Friday night for the curious and the kind, including the winning team Turmi. Come along next Friday if you’re interested in some guaranteed fun. I list three of the more Spanish tinted rounds below. Reading Caracolas helps with the answers.*


1. What are the 4 autonomous communities that border El Mar Cantabricó?

2. Who is the president of Argentina?

3. What is the capital of Trinidad and Tobego?

4. The 3 ships of Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón) were the Niña, the Pinta, and which other ship?

5. Who is the Cuban American Republican senator of Florida?

6. Which 1957-born Cuban-American singer is self-styled with “an American head and a Cuban heart?”

7. By what name is the painter Doménikos Theotokópoulos better known?

8. In which year did the events depicted in Francisco Goya’s May 2 and May 3 paintings in the Prado occur?

9. In which year was Pablo Picasso’s Guernica first displayed at the World’s Fair in Paris?

10. Which Mexican painter did Salma Hayek play in the 2002 movie?



1. In which century was the first circumnavigation of the world?

2. In which century did Galileo Galilei die?

3. Who invented the telephone in the 1870s?

4. Which mobile phone company now sponsors La Puerta del Sol in Madrid?

5. Who won the most recent Champions League?

6. Who won the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona?

7. What are the two official languages of Canada?

8. In which country do they speak tagalog?

9. In which country do they speak the occupation-related cant Xíriga?

10. According to Ahora Caigo, which Spanish writer has the most streets named after him?

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 * Answers available by contacting me (e.g., in a blog comment). Link backs available with a smile.
** That is, with the Akismet plugin.

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