Major League Baseball Score Predictor

In any sport, which team wins is a factor of a number of quantifiable factors. In Major League Baseball, is it runs scored versus runs given up or ERA versus OPS? Try the quick and dirty score predictor below -- plug in the numbers for any game to see the score. You'll be surprised at how close the prediction can be. Basketball, Hockey, and Football coming soon. Is there a mid-season correspondence with the final standings? -- check back and see who will win the 2015 MLB season!

Plug-and-play MLB Game Predictor

A sample set of statistics from a July 31 Toronto Blue Jays (42-67) away game versus the Kansas City Royals (40-69) is shown, with Jacob Waguespak (ERA = 5.63) the Jays pitcher and Jakob Junis (ERA = 4.80) the Royals pitcher. The prediction was 5-4 Toronto. The actual score was 4-1 Toronto.

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Starting pitcher ERA Starting pitcher ERA
Team ERA Team ERA
Winning pct Winning pct
Wins in last 10 games Wins in last 10 games


Try your own game stats to see the prediction. Of course, if I could predict the future I would be be doing Carnac the Magnificent bits at carnivals and on talk shows. But, this is a simple example of predictive modelling (and inputting data using Javascript in an HTML page).

Do The Math!

To see a correlation of sports statistics in MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, English Premier and La Ligua soccer, see chapter 6 in Do The Math! Do The Math! is available in paperback and Kindle versions from the publisher Sage Publications, on-line at, and at local book stores. Do The Math (in 100 seconds) videos are on You Tube.

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