frank·ly / 'fraNGkle / Adverb

In an honest, open, and direct way: "he spoke very frankly about her."
Used to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpalatable or shocking.

Speadsheet Economics. (April 18, 2013) The Toronto Star

It seems that Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff were too pessimistic with their cooked-up numbers, blaming a "coding error" for their austere-minded fix to the global economy. Thomas Herndon, a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst's doctoral program in economics, spotted the errors made by the Harvard economists.

"Using the two professors' data, Herndon found that instead of a dramatic fall in growth [for high debt countries], the decline was much milder, slowing to about 2.2 per cent, instead of the slump to minus 0.1 per cent that Reinhart and Rogoff predicted.

And yet the austerity continues.

Reinhart, C. M., & Rogoff, K. S. (2010, January). Growth in a time of debt (Working Paper No. 15639). Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research.

Debt clock

But are we having the right discussion?

"When the weight of the debt pyramid becomes too great, wholesale relief will be required, if not wholesale restructuring of how taxes are collected and the basic idea of one's working life and who owes what to whom. As noted with personal debt, however, the system is a closed one, and so one must ask, to whom is all this debt owed? Certainly not to the regular citizen."

Do The Math!

DTMFig9-1US debt.jpgDTMFig9-2Age demographics (USUKChinaIndia).jpg

Figure 9.1 U.S. national debt 1940 to 2009 Figure 9.2 Age distribution of United States, United Kingdom, China, and India

Cyprus bank levy. (March 20, 2013) Euronews

In the hopes of raising 5.8 billion euros to pay for their banking mess, the intention was to apply a 6.75% tax on all bank deposits under 100,000 euros and 9.9% above 100,000. But bank deposits are not a true measure of wealth. What about stocks, houses, the shoebox under the mattress? Or how about going after the real culprits?



Long-time Coronation Street hack Bill Roache goes off the rails. Again. (March 19, 2013) Mail Online The man is certifiable and gets a three-star

Noted for his previous loony tune remarks about astrology and bedding 1,000s of women (proof positive that there is a sucker born every minute), Bill Roache suggested that sex-abuse victims are responsible for their own abuse.

Roache: "If you know that you are pure love and live that pure love these things won't happen to you."

Interviewer: "To some people that sounds like you're saying victims bring things on themselves. Is that what you're saying?"

Roache: "No not quite and yet yes I am in that we everything that happens to us is been a result of what we have been in previous lives."

The middle man economy. Trying to get an honest job in a dishonest world. Another shameless cash grab

Here are but a few snazzy listings for job title at Jobs Ireland. Nice work if you can get it.

·       Are you looking to return to work, A real character, Hungry for Success?

·       Part-time job with a full-time wage (Monday to Friday)

·       Cosmetic representatives - No experience necessary

·       Face-painting teachers required

·       Can you talk the hind legs off a donkey?

·       Flemish Speaking Telemarketing Mystery Shoppers Required Immediately






Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire cruel and unusual punishment? Schadenfreude: pleasure derived from the misfortunes of another

What is the southernmost part of mainland Europe (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy)?

What is .?

What is .?

Just a few of the questions asked of every-day working people who bet it all and "lose," forgoing tens of thousands of pounds in one ill-fated moment. But is it cruel and unusual to submit one to such an ignominious end for our television viewing pleasure? It ain't Christians being fed to lions but it is a tortuous mauling.

And the questionable math as a contestant asks for an Ask the Audience and the host says "The majority say the Maldives":

Which islands were formerly known as the Spice Islands?

A Moluccas [13%]

B Bahamas [25%]

C Maldives [40%]

D Seychelles [22%]

In fact, the majority did NOT say the Maldives.